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Rug Doctor: Products & Services

If you’ve got dirty, stained or grimy carpets that have seen better years, Rug Doctor can get them back to virtually new without the need for huge expense. Rug Doctor machines are so popular they can be rented at over 30,000 retail locations, but for those looking to own their own for more convenience and flexibility, look no further than the Rug Doctor website.

Why Buy Rug Doctor?

Rug Doctor Models offered:

Rug Doctor: Company Background

Rug Doctor was originally founded in Fresno, California, by Roger Kent in 1972. Having been trading for over 30 years, they have since moved their headquarters to Plano, Texas. 

From the outset, Rug Doctor has serviced both the professional and the do-it-yourself carpet cleaning market and has over 35 warehouse distribution points and service centres around the US. In fact, Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machines can be found in over 33,000 grocery, drug, hardware and home centre stores across the United States.

They also operate internationally with branches in the UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia and over 20 other additional countries.

Rug Doctor: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Here is what Rug Doctor's customers and followers have been saying about them:

Epinions said:

Our home has light colored carpets and everytime I turn around we have a spot or stain on the carpet thanks to the puppy and my elderly mother living with us! My wife purchased a Bissell cleaner and the carpets were cleaned about once every two months without much sucess. I finally rented a Rug Doctor and wow, no more stains! The carpet looks like new and I was so impressed I purchased one for myself. We have alot of carpet. The entire upstairs as well as family room and master bedroom downstairs are all carpet. The family room has a lot of traffic and was beginning to look so bad I had considered continuing the hardwood from the kitchen and breakfast area and doing away with carpet all together! Not anymore! The Rug Doctor did such a good job getting rid of the spill and accident stains around my mothers chair as well as the many puppy accidents over the last month that hardwood will not be necessary. Considering how often our carpets need cleaning purchasing the machine made the most sense. The chemicals are a little more expensive but compared to the cost of 2500 square feet of new carpet it is a small price to pay. I even purchased the hard surface floor attachment for our tile floors in the bathrooms and entrance foyer. 

Pros:Really cleans carpet.
Easy to use.
Excellent warranty.
Cons:More costly that most machines.
The Bottom Line:Puts the cheap knock off machines to shame!

I have rented a rug doctor for years, usually every six months, to clean my carpets.  Three years ago, I took a break from my law practice to care for my elderly father, since I couldn't bring myself to put him in a nursing home.  He has a little dog that has an occasional accident.  Since I couldn't justify renting the rug doctor to clean a few piddle spots, I sprung for a 200 dollar fancy schmancy Bissel with heater.  IN the words of Julia Roberts, it was a "mistake.  Big mistake."  

Sure, the Bissell was handy for small accidents.  But I never felt it cleaned as well as the Doctor, and the reservoir was way too small to attempt to clean an entire house.  Moreover, after six months of use a part broke (its made of cheap plastic) and since then, its been on display in a corner of the garage.  

This past month, after renting a rug doctor three times in five weeks, I decided enough was enough, and purchased one at  their on-line web site.  I purchased the wide track along with a floor cleaning tool.  Although it was somewhat pricey, so far, it has been well worth the cost.  

Pros:Better than a professional cleaning. 
Cons:A little pricey if you buying one, but still, worth the money.  
The Bottom Line:beats professional cleaning anyday, unless your name is Richie Rich. said:

I have owned other steam cleaners. Nothing has ever come close to the power of a rug doctor. Even though we already have a cheaper steam cleaner I would still go and rent a Rug Doctor before Christmas and birthdays. I wish we never wasted money on cheaper models. After many years of renting I decided to spring and buy a Rug Doctor, thinking that with all the times I've rented I spent enough to have bought one already. Now that I bought my own I have no regrets.

I totally recommend any rug doctor if you want your carpet to stay looking nice for a lifetime. I have a 2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old spilling drinks, painting the floor, and all the thing kids can do. Plus a large hairy dog and 3 cats. You would never be able to tell by looking at my carpet. It looks brand new. The cost of this unit doesn't even compair to the cost of getting new carpet for a wholw house. Usually after I spend a lot of money on something I regret it, but this was a great purchase. Trust me you will love yours too.

Reviews at said:

Serious Machine: Serious Results
Pros: superb cleaning resultseven better results on upholstery and carspro-grade construction
Cons: heavy and a bit hard to handle
Model Number: Mighty Pro
"You would think there were enough positive reviews about this machine - but here is one more.
I rented Rug Doctors for years, and if I had the chance to buy one 20 years ago I would have been ahead financially.
This is a pro-model machine. High pressure jets shoot hot solution into carpet. Powerful vacuum removes solution and dirt. The carpet cleaner has a vibrating brush to loosen dirt from carpet fibres. Does a great job at cleaning carpets. It does take some muscle, but now that I own one I don't have to do the whole house in 1 day so I can return the rental. Doing a few rooms at a time is easier on the old body.
I'm surprised more reviews didn't mention the upholstery tool for furniture and cars. We clean the carpets and fabric upholstery in our cars once per year, and the carpets and seats look brand new. Gets many of the musty smells out as well. Don't use the upholstery solution on the seats as it causes a lot of foaming and if your seats get wet when you open the door in the rain, you can get little white spots where the soap foams up. Instead use the rug shampoo - just a bit more diluted. I have been doing this for years and the seats come out great. Stay clean longer because there is not a lot of soap residue.
This thing is built like a tank. I will be leaving it in my will to my children."


Overall, 90% of the feedback found for Rug Doctor is positive and the machine is highly rated. There have been a few issues with customer service in the past, but these appear to have now been rectified. 

Rug Doctor: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Rug Doctor was accredited by the BBB in 1999 and has achieved the highest rating of A+.

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro has been certified ‘Platinum’ and have achieved The Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. It is the only extractor for the consumer market that has been approved for superior cleaning by the CRI.

They have recently been featured in the Good House Keeping Magazine:

On being recently awarded the esteemed Good Housekeeping award Rug Doctor's President & CEO, Tim Wall commented...

"A recognition like this is an honour for Rug Doctor and such a testament to the superior performance of our products. Consumers are careful to vote with their wallets when it comes to buying brands and products they can trust. So now, whether they buy one of the Rug Doctor machines that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, or rent one of our machines that feature the same technology, consumers can feel good about the product's professional cleaning power."

Rug Doctor: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Rug Doctor has a global Alexa traffic rank of 168,792 and a US ranking of 30,082. It has an additional 393 sites linking into its own. Approximately 27% of visitors to Rug Doctor are referred by search engines and its most popular search query is simply ‘rug doctor.’

Rug Doctor has a Google Page Rank of 3/10. states that the website receives 59,257 unique visitors per month and its ranking by UVS is currently 33,447.

Rug Doctor: Social Media Presence

Rug Doctor has a good social media presence on the web. It has a Facebook page with approximately 21,000 likes and contains handy hints, cleaning tips and plenty of feel good articles. Their Twitter page has over 11,000 followers and shares cleaning advice, responds to customer questions and even hosts the odd party or two! You can also find Rug Doctor on YouTube for handy infomercials regarding its use and how to make light work of heavy cleaning jobs. 

Rug Doctor even has its own blog with plenty of guest bloggers talking about everything under the sun from Father's Day to advice on combating common allergens in the home. 

Rug Doctor: Website Security & Safety

Rug Doctor use a secure (https) connection when taking payment information and the industry recognised 'padlock' symbol. 

Rug Doctor uses leading technologies to safeguard your personal information such as credit card details and addresses by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption software when processing data online. 

Google Safe Browsing states that the website has not been listed as suspicious, nor has it hosted any malicious software or malware in at least the last 90 days. 

Rug Doctor: Pricing & Packages

If you want to buy a Rug Doctor there are several machines available, depending upon the size of your house and how quickly you'd like to clean it. 

The MightyPro Plus is the entry level Rug Doctor and suitable for most small to medium homes. Weighing 36lbs and having a fill coverage of 118 sq. ft. it will comfortably accomplish most home cleaning tasks with a minimum of effort. It features a single pump and jets and 28psi of pressure. The cleaning solution tank capacity is 3.1 gallons. It retails for $599.93 and features a whole host of cleaning accessories to get you started. 

The WideTrack is great for larger homes with 34% greater coverage per fill and fewer refills needed. It weighs 44lbs and has a fill coverage of 159 sq. ft. Its brush width is wider than that of the Mighty Pro, it has a dual pump and jets and 32psi of pressure for greater cleaning power. It has a 3.7 cleaning solution tank capacity and retails for $749.94, also coming complete with a great range of cleaning accessories. 

MightyPro X3 is perhaps the best value offering produced by Rug Doctor, coming complete with a bumper pack of cleaning accessories. It weights 39lbs, has a fill coverage of 147 sq. ft. and features a single pump and jets. With 28psi of pressure and a 3 gallon cleaning solution tank it will see you through some tough carpet stains without too much trouble for $599.93. 

There's no doubt that Rug Doctor machines are not the cheapest to be found on the market and the reason for that is simple: They do a professional and thorough job, they are built to last and they come complete with a 5 year warranty. 

Rug Doctor: Shipping Rates & Policies ships to the United States and Canada only. They do have international branches, however, and if you contact their consumer support on 1-800-784-3628 they will happy to give you your nearest Rug Doctor contact abroad.

Shipping is just $29.95 to any state in the continental US (AK, HI and Canada may vary in cost). Please note that a signature will be required for all machine orders. You can expect to receive your order within 10 – 14 business days. Rug Doctor does not ship to PO Boxes. 

Rug Doctor: Payment Methods Accepted

Currently, Rug Doctor do not accept either PayPal or personal checks for payment. They accept Visa, MasterCard and the Discover credit card on approved credit. For Canadian orders, they accept Visa and MasterCard only. If you have a debit card displaying any of the aforementioned symbols you can also use these, providing you have adequate funds in your account. 

Rug Doctor: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Rug Doctor has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee policy and if you are not happy with your machine, simply return it for a refund or exchange. Items must be returned in new condition, complete with all accessories. Customers should note that initial shipping charges, a $29.95 In-Home Use Fee and state tax are not refundable. You will also be responsible for return shipping charges and will need to call 1-800-784-3628 to obtain a Return Authorization Number and address for where to send your product to. No returns are accepted after the 30 day period.  

Rug Doctor: Product images & screenshots
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Comments (3)

Outstanding review!   Thanks

Another very well presented review; thank you, Ann.

Rug Doctor is a successful business, I can see why it's social media presence is so large! You outline the buniess very well here.

Rug Doctor Rating Summary
Customer Reviews
Rug Doctor Average Rating:
(1 rating)
Rug Doctor 2 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Linda Smith — 67 months ago
2.0 Star Rating: Needs Improvement
“My Opinion of Rug Doctor”

I have used Rug Doctor. It was the only rental rug shampoo machine available in my area. I hated it. If you want to change the water, clean it out, and add new rug cleaner every time you turn around, clean away with this machine. I spent more time doing this than I did cleaning my carpet. 

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Get Pay Only $7.95 Shipping when you buy up to 10 Replacement Brush and other Rug Doctor Accessories @ Rug Doctor
Get Free Shipping on Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 carpet cleaner @ Rug Doctor
Save over $100 on the New Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 carpet cleaner @ Rug Doctor
Get Try Rug Doctor Mighty Pro for 30 Days for only $29.95 @ Rug Doctor